Wednesday, April 25, 2007

hippy or bogan?

my friend lisa reckons there are two types of people in the world: hippies and bogans. lis proudly aligns herself to the latter (she is, after all, from trentham) and when she acquired a second hand ex-police car, it seemed a no-duh idea to get her some fluffy dice for her birthday to formalise her bogan status.

now i'm no bogan, as my sis would concur, i'm apparently a hippy. and having never visited a car bits shop before, walking into autobarn was like stepping into a whole new world. it was all engine oils, Big Tools, manly colours and hyper masculine font. i hightailed it outta there before the handlebar moustached dude could approach.
can you imagine: 'er, do you sell fluffy dice? and what colours do you have?'

since i'm infinitely more comfortable at spotlight, i grabbed some felt, stripey trim, polyfiller (thanks dr kath!) and set to work to make some felt dice. they took a bit longer to complete than anticipated. who knew that you can't glue felt to felt? who knew!! tried pva, acid-free craft glue and even superglue.

no dice. so to speak.
they turned out ok and lis reckons they're 'the bestest present ever!'

that's high praise from a bogan ;)


kaluds said...

pwoargh, those dize are amazing ... and i'm not sure if it's the camera angle but are they a bit bigger than average fuzzy dice??

i probably belong in the bogan category (after all, i did feel quite at home amongst those Airbourne fans!) so when it comes time for me to invest in some wheels, roll dem dice!

Jaye said...

hey, those dice transcend both categories.. !
=) I like them!

.... Can you make me some giant poker chips? =p

jfox said...

will put you on the waiting list dr b!

and yes well spotted, they are indeed, dangerously, waaaay too huge. i insisted to lis that if she couldn't see out of her windscreen then i would not be offended if she didn't use them! (would much rather her alive ;D)

jaye> where you been!? how's life?

Jonno said...

jfox, how did you eventually stick them together? Did you sew them?

jfox said...

jonno> yup. i sewed the dots on. every. last. one. of. em.
great exercise in patience!