Sunday, April 22, 2007


it's been a long and tiring week. ups and downs and too much going on generally.

to regain a bit of sanity, i dusted off the sewing machine. found this gorgeous partridge/duck fabric at amitie textiles in bentleigh and whipped up this simple bag. it's held together with some cute ribbon (thanks cammers!) to hold some bits and bods for my new compooter machine.

feel quite chuffed with it!
don't worry, i have been reminded that just because you buy a compooter to write a thesis doesn't mean that it will write itself ...i'm onto it elmo!


elmo said...

if only the sewing machine can make a dent on that brick...maybe the next model asus will have thesis-writing capability?? i might consider leaving mac-world for one of those...

kaluds said...

jeez, i must admit that if a computer was talented enough to self-write a thesis i'd also ditch my Precious ... a valuable tip though - get yourself an external keyboard if you're able, laptop ones are dangerously un-ergonomic :-(

jp said...

nice one c. i need to do the hem on my pants. any chance you can do them? just kidding. you have your own sewing machine? i had to borrow a friend's to alter the waist of my other pants.

jfox said...

i'd love a machine to do stuff for me! how much are they? where can i get one?

dr b> external keyboard huh? best get onto that..

and jp> you're scaring me, get back to those books dude! (and were you expanding or taking in your waistline haha ;p )

flygirl said...

beautifuk! the fabric looks like an alexander henry or amy butler.

and thanks for the fabric shop tip off!

enough chat, get back to that thesis.