Tuesday, April 18, 2006

art attack!

Our offices at work are separated by a window and sometimes we communicate by writing backwards on the glass a la Amelie. I was reminded of this past-time on Flinders Street where there is a window space which revolves various art pieces. A couple of artists busily transcribing text all over the pane - one writing backwards, the other on the back wall. These seem to be life stories written around and intertwined with one another, and though we didn't read all of them, I quite liked the physical representation of these people's lives - all crossing over and above each other.

Stencil art is so simple, it reminds me of lino cut basics in year 10 art classes. Nice clean lines, one panel of colour and - here's where it differed from el-lame-o teenage lino cuts - an image that can interrupt your travels.
I especially like how it can appropriate both political and cultural icons, obliquely altering meanings found in both.

We found the first one quite striking, not only in its form - fragmented lines as if delivered by a wonky television set; but also in its chilling encapsulation of the war on terror's insistence in generating/ heightening/ maintaining a pervasive fear.

And how about the triangle of American cultural signposts - Elvis, Audrey, the Phantom.

Oh and I really dig the robots.

Seven Worlds Will Collide

Blogs are a strange creature, they seem symptomatic of a culture obsessed with instant i-obsessions. *tonia todmanalert* Craftblogs are a different beast. Click on Loobylu for my favourite example - I have found this subculture of housebound creative bloggers incredibly inspiring.

taichifox was set up firstly for a laugh, gotta participate in the noughties with ya own blog right? It was a kind of secret thrill that this luddite could be cyberkinetic! Even more fantastically, our collective blogs have created a whole 'nother layer of dialogue in our regular bouts of babble and beverages.

The best blogs seem to be those that speak of personal matters and though I'm too boring/too shy/mainly boring to pour much heart here, I did experience the strangest day last week and felt the need to take a self portrait.
Good friends will wonder if some doppelganger has hacked into taichifox:
I Absolutely Abhor photographs.
I ungraciously
.....turn away or
..........cite the Aboriginal notion that cameras steal a bit of your soul or
...............run away screaming or
....................pull dumb faces or
.........................take another sip of my beer
Hate it!

So one day last week two things happened:
a) I was accepted to present an oral presentation of my research work at an overseas conference- mega opportunity.This represents a few firsts: first time to speak at a conference. first overseas conference. first time in europe. You can imagine how this collapse of firsts naturally progresses to man panic stations ...NOW!
b) So I trundled along to my favourite bookshop where a question for recommendation, a small conversation and a ripped cover or two later, I am the recipient of a generous gift of a barely out of date 2005 Rough Guide to Europe. What an amazing gesture to a poor student - I will forever patronise this bookshop. I find kindness very touching and so rare.

Astral planes colliding or aligning? I used to think the world turns but everything stays the same. It's only April, but 2006 feels the inverse.

Baked Brown Sugar Custard

Baked Brown Sugar Custard

5 egg yolks
1/3 C brown sugar
2 C milk
3 teaspoons vanilla extract
1. Preheat oven 160degC

2. Combine egg yolks with brown sugar and whisk
3. Combine milk with vanilla and gently bring to the boil. Remove from heat, cool slightly and gently add to egg/sugar mix, constantly whisking to prevent curdling
4. Split into four ovenproof vessels, place in baking tray and pour boiling water half way up vessels
5. Bake 45-50 minutes at 160degC or until set
6. Cool to room temperature, then cool for two hours in the fridge
Delish with strawberries and icecream

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