Wednesday, March 22, 2006

They're Just Fish

With the Comm Games craziness, Melbourne has been in a flux of construction during the last six months. Some creations are confounding -superstops- and others quite beautiful. Here is one building I was particularly taken with...
In the meantime, although there was a smorgasbord of Comm Games sport-o-rama to choose from, I remained steadfastly disinterested! However, we did enjoy the accompanying cultural festivities immensely, especially as they were all FREE!

:: Garden Stage, Alexandra Gardens ::

:: Beach at Arts Centre Forecourt ::

:: The Yarra, Swan St view ::

:: The Fish ::

Friday, March 17, 2006

Anatomy of a bag

So I saw this picture in some magazine where Uma Thurman was at the Oscars or somesuch. I didn’t notice her dress or makeup or whatever it is you’re supposed to notice on the red carpet – but I did spy her mauve silk bag. Why do some things stick in the grey matter over the important stuff - you’d think I’d stop leaving my purse anywhere and everywhere, or remember birthdays, or remember my lunch rather than a miscellaneous accessory in a glossy magazine. I don’t even read those magazines regularly (really!).
Anyway, I was quite taken with the simplicity of the design and the clean way the bag closes up. So I attempted to copy it using some gorgeous raw silk my good mate Kal found in Vietnam a couple of years ago. I had given Kal a blue Clegs sequin by which to find fabric by and finally found some summertime to begin putting it together.

Another season later, some midnight handstitching and it’s done! Feel mostly well chuffed with the finished product; even if it’s a little rough around the edges. Hopefully it will be strong enough to hold a mobes, a purse and a bit of lip gloss.

And yeah that’s the corner of another Wilco album; their latest live album renders their previous works redundant, absolutely wonderful. The recent excursion to The Posies made me long for some power pop, so I must also recommend Brendan Benson (thanks to Pete for this Jason Falkner produced find). And finally, still enjoying Cold Roses on my morning jaunts to work; will endeavour to investigate the prolific Ryan Adams’ second and third albums of 2005 at some point…

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beachside Burgers

A desire for some icecream relief on a hot late summer's day led to an impulsive trip to Albert Park for the following gastronomic delights.
Andrew's Burgers is apparently famous for being the best burgers in Melbourne. I'm happy to test such theories and although the waiting time is less than ideal - we had to wait 50 minutes, that's F.I.F.T.Y. minutes, the burger lived up to its reputation and tasted bloody fantastic! Crispy bread roll, juicy beef pattie, lovely fresh tomato - YUM!
Or perhaps I had selfdigested during such a long wait and a shoe would have tasted juicy and delicious!

To top off the night, we headed over to Jock's ice cream and gelato shop - featured on the left is Lemon Yoghurt and Blood Orange. Perfecto!

Bare Feet Bowls

A charity event led us to Richmond for a round of barefoot lawn bowls. Bar one team member’s former life as a state bowls ‘champ’ (this was under dispute), we were mostly amateur and ready to give it a red hot go as the Four Hounds From Hell.
So how chuffed were we to get through Round 1 against teams of more professional, more practiced teams – undefeated! Cheers to Kev who took it upon himself to mentor Rink 2 and gave all of us plenty of tips in his own gruff, tough love kinda way (rules are rules ok!)
Did I mention the excellent Rotary run BBQ and excellent 1972 bar prices?

Lawn Bowls Green
Bloody Fantastic Burgers
Turf and bare feet
Rink 2 Rulez!

Seattle's Finest

The Posies @ HiFi Bar and Ballroom 040306

Hailing from Seattle, The Posies were at the forefront of the power pop movement in the mid90s and how magnificent to see this influential band live. This time round, main songwriters Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer toured with a full band, and entertained the crowd with a fantastic 2 hour set, including friendly banter, many a rock move and synchronised jumps. It wasn’t all fuzzy guitars and harmonies, some parts of the set saw Stringfellow take to the keyboards for some quieter songs. It’s great to see they still enjoy playing together, even after all these years – well worth it! [Apologies for fuzzy photos!]
:: The Suits :::: The Pictures ::

:: The Posies in flight ::