Sunday, July 01, 2012


happy post-winter-solstice winter! or happy new financial year!?

we recently moved from a small city apartment to a small house further out. reality check: all our romantic notions of growing vegies in the backyard were swiftly replaced with new hobbies of lawnmowing and saving plants from bugs unknown. yup.

we do love our new neighbourhood though, especially now that we've stopped feeling like we're living in a b and b that just happens to have all of our stuff in it!

work grows apace: busy busy busy but good. during a brief breather, i've managed to do a bit of crafting.  here's a wiksten tank, made with an art deco style DS collection fabric. loving the orange and navy combo.
And, whilst on my craft spree in japan last october, i picked up these gorgeous polygon beads from idola in kyoto, a little shop adjacent to the avril yarn shop. idola has the winning tag line: Smile buttons & Dragon beads. i couldn't pick only one so grabbed one of each colour, score!