Wednesday, December 21, 2011

beautiful japan

whilst in japan, many locals from both kobe and kyoto highly recommended a visit to the kinka-kuji temple (also known as the golden pavillion).

this is the stunning view when you walk into the impeccably maintained gardens, accompanied by a steady sound of clicking cameras and ooohs and aaahs in the background.
seriously! picture perfect, huh?

this was taken in october - you can see that the canopy of some trees are beginning to change into an autumnal display. can you imagine how stunning this view would have been a few weeks later with the warm oranges/reds/yellows of autumn? better timing next trip!

and a friend for one of the newest aussies-via-france in melbs. mr m's maman is an excellent home pastry chef and makes the most delicious macarons i've ever tasted. this japanese fabric dotted with little sweets and cakes seemed perfect =)
bienvenue petit m!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

top of the morn and slip of the day

of course, now that it's december, things are beginning to balance out. better late than never =)
it's been a tough and challenging year, but also one of the most rewarding and exciting in a long time. here's to good things for all in 2012.

i've had the pleasure of piecing together a few more softies for various folks and their new littlies - this little guy is heading to a white christmas in europe. safe journey cosmonaut!

and i guess this may seem like another boring photo of crafty goodies, but seriously, check out the colours of the felt in the back!! such vibrant and bold colour can only come from one wonderful place.
a few months ago, i had the good fortune to travel to kobe in japan for work. my long-held dream come true: i squeezed in a few days in craft mecca kyoto, truly a beautiful city. i stayed in the east, nestled amongst the many temples and their immaculate graceful gardens. my suitcase was proudly loaded up on wool, lovely fabrics of all types (from many places including here) and other awesome crafty supplies.

more softies in line for their publicity shot soon =)