Wednesday, April 25, 2007


don't know why, but i've been obsessing about arm warmers.

i put it down to melbourne's in-between weather.
it's not cold enough to wear a long sleeve top but still too cold to wear only a tee.
an arm warmer seemed an ideal, logical solution.

"what are you talking about?" the disbelievers ask. "why don't you just wear a long sleeve top?"

imagine my excitement when i discovered another kindred soul had thought up and acted upon this idea, brilliant!

hippy or bogan?

my friend lisa reckons there are two types of people in the world: hippies and bogans. lis proudly aligns herself to the latter (she is, after all, from trentham) and when she acquired a second hand ex-police car, it seemed a no-duh idea to get her some fluffy dice for her birthday to formalise her bogan status.

now i'm no bogan, as my sis would concur, i'm apparently a hippy. and having never visited a car bits shop before, walking into autobarn was like stepping into a whole new world. it was all engine oils, Big Tools, manly colours and hyper masculine font. i hightailed it outta there before the handlebar moustached dude could approach.
can you imagine: 'er, do you sell fluffy dice? and what colours do you have?'

since i'm infinitely more comfortable at spotlight, i grabbed some felt, stripey trim, polyfiller (thanks dr kath!) and set to work to make some felt dice. they took a bit longer to complete than anticipated. who knew that you can't glue felt to felt? who knew!! tried pva, acid-free craft glue and even superglue.

no dice. so to speak.
they turned out ok and lis reckons they're 'the bestest present ever!'

that's high praise from a bogan ;)