Friday, March 17, 2006

Anatomy of a bag

So I saw this picture in some magazine where Uma Thurman was at the Oscars or somesuch. I didn’t notice her dress or makeup or whatever it is you’re supposed to notice on the red carpet – but I did spy her mauve silk bag. Why do some things stick in the grey matter over the important stuff - you’d think I’d stop leaving my purse anywhere and everywhere, or remember birthdays, or remember my lunch rather than a miscellaneous accessory in a glossy magazine. I don’t even read those magazines regularly (really!).
Anyway, I was quite taken with the simplicity of the design and the clean way the bag closes up. So I attempted to copy it using some gorgeous raw silk my good mate Kal found in Vietnam a couple of years ago. I had given Kal a blue Clegs sequin by which to find fabric by and finally found some summertime to begin putting it together.

Another season later, some midnight handstitching and it’s done! Feel mostly well chuffed with the finished product; even if it’s a little rough around the edges. Hopefully it will be strong enough to hold a mobes, a purse and a bit of lip gloss.

And yeah that’s the corner of another Wilco album; their latest live album renders their previous works redundant, absolutely wonderful. The recent excursion to The Posies made me long for some power pop, so I must also recommend Brendan Benson (thanks to Pete for this Jason Falkner produced find). And finally, still enjoying Cold Roses on my morning jaunts to work; will endeavour to investigate the prolific Ryan Adams’ second and third albums of 2005 at some point…