Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nani Iro Spotty Spring Scarf

Mostly, we try to be sensible and not splurge too much. But I confess, there are some things that I don't think twice about:
1) Gigs - anyone else excited about the pairing of Joe Pernice of Pernice Brothers and Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub?
2) Fabrics. Too much is never enough.

(Un)fortunately, Elmo is an excellent enabler, so we recently splurged on Marimekko lovelies at Kiitos (more on this later) and a bit of this Nani Iro Pon Pocho print from Patchwork on Central Park, (closing soon to make way for a second Scarlet Jones, make sure you drop in and snap up some lovelies for yourself!). 

This bright and happy fabric is lovely and soft, perfect for a spring scarf. I simply cut along the grain, and hemmed in on all sides. The lady in the shop also suggested that I could leave some edges frayed which I will try on a second version.
But first, this is on its way to Ms E who is now mum of two - congrats eky and mr a, and welcome little s.k.h =)