Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fire Flowers

We were faced with this gorgeous spectacle as we stepped out of a somewhat timely Australia Day screening of Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. Having also recently seen Kubrick's Paths of Glory and Clooney's Good Night, and Good Luck, it's unsettling how current these films are, given that they speak about old battles.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Dvorak and Dallas

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl 080206

When I used to study music, we went to the Botanical Gardens to listen to the Melbourne Symphony with the added bonus of entry=nix. My violin-playing sib had leanings towards orchestra groupy, I have fuzzy memories of photos and autographs of star cellists!
Recently I was reminded how lovely it is to spend a balmy summer evening at the Music Bowl with the MSO. Good food, good company and great music.

Dallas Crane @ Prince of Wales 090206

It has also been a while since I've seen Dallas Crane and they never disappoint. All the favourites were aired played with gusto by a tight rhythm section and roaring guitars.

Excellent supports in 67 Special and one charismatic Mr Timmy Rogers. When is that new You Am I album arriving - very much looking forward to that event too!

:: 67 Special ::

:: Tim Rogers ::

:: Dallas Crane ::

Monday, February 06, 2006

Kung Hey Fat Choi!

We are lucky in Australia to have migrant communities that still maintain old traditions. The past few weeks have seen celebrations of the Lunar New Year - family feasting mandatory! We also visit temples to thank our ancestors for the year that has just passed and pray for a prosperous and happy year to follow.

And what is Lunar New Year without a dragon dance? The 'dai loong' is an esteemed sign in the Chinese zodiac and not only brings good luck, but chases away evil spirits to clear the slate for the new year. Think of the firecrackers that end dragon dances as a statement akin to: 'And Stay Out!' to any lurking evil spirits.
And the kids love it too.

So here's to the Year of the Dog, Kung Hey Fat Choi!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Noodle Gorillaz

current stencil art favourite: noodle from gorillaz

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Night Market Delights

I'm a bit behind with my posts..so here's another one

Over the summer, the Night Market takes over a shed or two at the Queen Vic. Imagine: stuff to buy on one side, stuff to eat on the other, and a beer garden to enjoy the balmy twilight hours. There are several stalls which sell beautifully designed home made crafty things - it's nice to know that the dosh you hand over goes straight to the person who poured themselves into making something. That kinda passion is priceless.

I love walking past the food stalls with all their delicious, tempting wafts. An old habit of mine is to gravitate towards the corn cobs or the poffertjes. However, last night I was introduced to the cupcake stall.

Now I'm not really a girly girl. Not in the Alannah-Hill-type sense and not in the damsel-in-distress sense either. The cupcake stall is very PINK and FLORAL, so I may have been walking past and missing out on these delicious cupcakes for weeks, nay years! Luckily, my non-PINK discriminating pals saw past the PINK and went straight to that which pleases the stomach.


Of course having denounced being a girly girl, I chose the purdiest cupcake of them all - the raspberry and white chocolate creation, complete with PINK sugar flower and PINK decorations!

The Archduke January 31st 2006

:: Cut Copy ::

:: Franz Ferdinand ::

:: Happy crowd ::
except for the man who was punched in the face