Sunday, January 15, 2012

happy 2012!

Happy new year! may you work less and play more in 2012!

We sweltered in glorious 40degC+ scorching heat over the holidays, and being a sensible person, i took this time to knit =p. luckily, this week we tipped back towards the wintery weather (thanks melbs). i was very grateful to have this scarf...just in time for january (!?).

this wool is from avril in kyoto, and it is the most vibrant, orangiest, orange colour. this pic doesn't quite show off the brightness of this gorgeous yarn. thanks mum for sharing knitting secrets and expertise.
The pattern comes from this awesome book, which contains clear instructions and photos for the knitting newbies. Godsend!

Below is the last of the 2011 softies, the ever reliable miss polly pattern for dr k's newest family member. this sweet 1930s style fabric is from Patchwork By Sea in RADelaide.
we've been spring-cleaning a bit around here, and happened upon elmo's old teddy. look at the love in this little guy...
i hope all the softies going out there become this battered and worn out.