Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An Everage Day in Moonee Ponds

I went lawn bowling again: this time in leafy Moonee Ponds. Thanks to Soapy for organising such a lovely BBQ and lovely afternoon.

If I Could...

I think at some level I believe that we have led other lives.
This could be on a linear scale, like those that believe in reincarnation might think that we (d)evolve from ant to person to dragonfly. Then again, this idea could be as Terry Pratchett describes, where we exist in many parallel universes that represent every possible permutation of a scenario.
So it's comforting to know that even though I sometimes daydream about being this, that or the other, chances are I have been or are or will be pursuing the following vocations.

* My first childhood dream was to be a writer

* My second childhood dream was to be a concert pianist in the era of Mozart, Beethoven or Debussy

* My dream job in the 90s was to be a sound engineer or journalist during the mid90s 'Britpop' explosion

* Or maybe the lead singer of a punk band... (not too popular mind you haha)

* Dressmaker - anything to do with colours and textures, kool fabrics/buttons/ribbons. Ah, to have clothes that Fit Well!

* Pastry chef without the bad hours and licence for grouchy temperament (!)

Check out Flygirl, Yossarian, Cassiopeia Gegenbauer III, Serenity Later and Sartorial Splendour for more thoughts on dream professions.