Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An Everage Day in Moonee Ponds

I went lawn bowling again: this time in leafy Moonee Ponds. Thanks to Soapy for organising such a lovely BBQ and lovely afternoon.


kaluds said...

great pics & beautiful colours! glad you enjoyed yourself in Loony ... er, i mean Moonee Ponds (spend 5 minutes in the traffic around puckle st and you'll see what i mean). hope you get to go on some more lawn bowling adventures now that the weather's improving ;p

M's nemesis said...

...heeeheee love the sweetpeas & the silhouette of scarf/hands flying?

Cool pixies!

Applecross WC said...

Moonee Ponds is great. My brother once put some industrial strength dye in that fountain that used to be in the middle of Mt Alexander Rd in front of the police station and KFC. I believe he chose green.

Those are some nice pictures.