Monday, January 22, 2007

I See Red

L->R, T->B
A humble Montmartre fruit shop / Deux vins rouge\ Random sign, random small green woman
Napoleon's lurve seat (ahem, yup it's a 3-seater) \ Bloomin' marvellous / Adelaide
Pompidou/ Berry nice! \ Vroooom vrooom Valiant

Of all the colours in the rainbow, red is able to represent the whole spectrum of passion. Sure, orange is pretty chirpy but when you Really Wanna SMASH SOMEONE... [punching fist into palm]
See? Orange just doesn't cut it.

Red can be anger, love, evil, happiness, luck, the warmth of a fire, the heat of the sun, speeeed (hoons take note: red cars go faster - NOT canary yellow ones) and what dessert is complete without a red something- berry /rose petal /flame on a candle? Imagine a lamington without the jam? a pavlova without the strawbs? a blackforest cake without the cherries?

And maybe this could be my favourite RED moment: if travelling and feeling just a little bit homesick, think of Dorothy clicking her sparkling pair of red shoes [click click] [click click].

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