Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas time is here...

bringing Christmas cheer...

The other morning, we were talking about those letters that arrive this time of the year. You know the ones:
'this year has been a busy time in [insert family] household with Mum working hard in [company X], with Child A kicking goals in [extra curricular pursuit] and Child B toothing'
Sometimes there's photoshopped images of Dad in a Santa hat pulling a sleigh with the fam behind. This phenomena seems to be a love/hate thing that can induce serious eye-rolling and groaning in some, but I kinda enjoy the breezy cheesiness of it all. And the fact that Danny Katz writes em every year makes em OK by me!

*shrugs* what can I say?
Even jfox can't be cynical at Christmas time.

Don't know about you but it's been a crazy messed up year at this end! Hope you were kicking goals in your own big (drb!) or small way and that you share your holidays with your nearest and dearest.
Cheers to 2006 and here's to 2007!