Wednesday, April 25, 2007


don't know why, but i've been obsessing about arm warmers.

i put it down to melbourne's in-between weather.
it's not cold enough to wear a long sleeve top but still too cold to wear only a tee.
an arm warmer seemed an ideal, logical solution.

"what are you talking about?" the disbelievers ask. "why don't you just wear a long sleeve top?"

imagine my excitement when i discovered another kindred soul had thought up and acted upon this idea, brilliant!


kaluds said...

i'm all for the arm warmer ... they're particularly nifty if you're extra extra chilly and you can just keep them on under a big fuzzy jumper ;p

... and don't get me started on little angora gloves with the fingertips cut off so you can keep typing in the cold ...

Anonymous said...

jools has the same thing but in rainbow colour! someone gave it to her. i'd be too hot for here in e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g adelaide for me.

jp said...

that's me above. forgot to ID it.