Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Beachside Burgers

A desire for some icecream relief on a hot late summer's day led to an impulsive trip to Albert Park for the following gastronomic delights.
Andrew's Burgers is apparently famous for being the best burgers in Melbourne. I'm happy to test such theories and although the waiting time is less than ideal - we had to wait 50 minutes, that's F.I.F.T.Y. minutes, the burger lived up to its reputation and tasted bloody fantastic! Crispy bread roll, juicy beef pattie, lovely fresh tomato - YUM!
Or perhaps I had selfdigested during such a long wait and a shoe would have tasted juicy and delicious!

To top off the night, we headed over to Jock's ice cream and gelato shop - featured on the left is Lemon Yoghurt and Blood Orange. Perfecto!

1 comment:

kaluds said...

hehehe .... if you have to harden your arteries, the Andrew's & Jock's combination is definitely the perfect way to go! the plain burger + bacon is delish, followed by coconut lime and/or fig ripple (am baffled as to how he captures the fig flavour sooo well) ... and around christmas time, check out the plum pudding ice-cream too! yummo!