Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bare Feet Bowls

A charity event led us to Richmond for a round of barefoot lawn bowls. Bar one team member’s former life as a state bowls ‘champ’ (this was under dispute), we were mostly amateur and ready to give it a red hot go as the Four Hounds From Hell.
So how chuffed were we to get through Round 1 against teams of more professional, more practiced teams – undefeated! Cheers to Kev who took it upon himself to mentor Rink 2 and gave all of us plenty of tips in his own gruff, tough love kinda way (rules are rules ok!)
Did I mention the excellent Rotary run BBQ and excellent 1972 bar prices?

Lawn Bowls Green
Bloody Fantastic Burgers
Turf and bare feet
Rink 2 Rulez!

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