Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Paper Cuts

How great is it: the sun's up at stoopid hours, flowers are blooming and it's that lovely temperate weather to get the BBQ going for a cruisey afternoon in a park.

Time to dust off the sandals and the summer gear - how about this mini-skirt or these heels?

If updating your wardrobe isn't your thang, maybe consider some of these other wondrous items.

What's with all the origami? I happened upon an amazing(ly nerdy) book by origamist Robert Lang who has designed newfangled ways to fold paper. We're not talking about making cranes here - he has dense, 100-plus-folded instructions for insects, elephants and cuckoo clocks (BIG piece of butcher paper that). It's all to do with vectors, angles and circumference - I can't convey how mind-blowing it is to flick through his books.

Check em out and become a paper-nerdo yourself!

1 comment:

M's nemesis said...

These are so cool! Hmm... not sure whether this is relevant but I was in the university bookroom awhile ago waiting to be served and spotted a 'pornogami' book on the service desk. Perhaps an impulse buy? Nice