Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Early Christmas Cheer

Despite a fire, the Melbourne General Post Office remains a beautiful building in the centre of town. Converted into a fancy pants shopping centre (as cute as they are, who can really afford Campers shoes?), its owners have also taken advantage of a lofty ceiling and used it as a space for art.

My favourite so far would have to be the long opened umbrellas balanced precariously along criss-crossing wires strung from all four balconies. Being Melbourne, they had to be black and lent the usually light and airy ceiling an ominous feel. More recently as part of the State of Design Festival, bird cages were hung from the rafters. I quite like the absurdity of a mass of open umbrellas inside a building - multiples of seven-years-bad-luck notwithstanding.

After banana crepes yesterday morning and a surprise birthday greeting, I diverted on the way to work and noticed that there were strangled plastic christmas trees hanging not only from the outside pillars but also in the building itself.
I'm not sure how to respond to this one, but I did say the art pieces tended to the absurd!


M's nemesis said...

Oh JFox! Thanks for the surprise birthday greetings and making my day extra special! :)

I agree about the GPO, had only recently entered the surrounds and was taken aback by the christmas tree installation art. I likes it!

kaluds said...

there's something about the repetition that i like about this one ... looks like rows and rows of origami trees. origami-ceiling-plantation??

Sartorial said...

Those trees look nice!, will have to check it out in person, once I get a spare minute.
Re the umbrella's, they have a famous installation in Athens at a central metro station, of upside down (and some right-side up) umbrella's suspended in a circular glass thingie. Everybody loves it.
The birds in cages at the GPO was pretty scary though, I remember doing a fashion show there when they'd just installed them (smallest backstage ever!), and everyone being perplexed as to where the chirping was coming from!.

jfox said...

they had real birds in there? seems a bit cruel somehow, or perhaps a subversive comment on the fashion show?