Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kid Koala

I never really understood why hordes of cameras gravitate towards these fuzzy creatures and when overseas folk often excitedly associate I'm from Australia with Have You Held A Koala?, I politely ?shrug? and say, I live in the city.
This all changes of course when you see the fuzzy creatures in person.
On the way to the lighthouse at Cape Otway, we spied this very cute family. They must have been bored by yet another group of excited random passerbys snapping away.
[Thanks to Elmo for the pic!]


M's nemesis said...

I too am perplexed by the holding a koala just because we're Oztr-alien. But then again, I get excited about seeing most critters: squirrels (as is Yossarian), elk, cats, dogs, birds, lizards!

kaluds said...

i'm a bit perplexed about the koala thing too. personally, i find them a bit stand-offish. there's a certain smugness in the way they chew on those leaves ... can't put my finger on it.

and yeah, go squirrels!! ... and chipmunks, dogs, possums, guinea-pigs, rodents ...

Anonymous said...

indeed . . . i too have snapped away with a camera at our innocent, beloved fauna. it was at nite and it was changing from one tree to another. it was dark and pics were not great. i'll show you later.

just dropping a line. hope all is well.


jelloman said...

hee hee!! fuzzy bum!