Thursday, September 07, 2006

So Silly

How's this for a little piece of happiness?

This week sees a couple of great old friends getting married - as measured by years of friendship rather than years of existence!!
As such, familiar faces from the northern hemisphere/states are returning home so the next few days encompasses reconnections and maybe a little bit of nostalgia.
This present is from the northern climes: someone who obviously knows me well. As to what I'm going to do with them? At the moment, I'm quite content to just sit and admire!


eky said...

oooooh they're pretty!!!

flygirl said...


hey, is the wedding for n and s? i thought it was supposed to be around this time. wish them all the best, it's brilliant!

*returns to perving at ribbons*

kaluds said...

gorgeous!! better not spruik their existence too much or other peeps are going to start expecting these lil' beauties wrapped around their presents!

way too nice to use!