Thursday, August 24, 2006

Minties and Kodak

As always with lists, I’m sure I’ll change my mind tomorrow about these cherished moments/memories. One thing is clear, they revolve around events or people that remind me what it is to feel at home.

** after a two month summer stint in canberra, rolling in to melbourne on the train and seeing the ‘big’ skyline

** five years later: after a 6 and a half week winter stint in the northern summer and more than 30 hours of travelling from new york city, seeing the ‘tiny’ melbourne skyline

** ok, bear with me on this one. You know those flowers that seem to be made of wispy cotton-like petals that you can blow and they fly off into the wind? One childhood memory is of running around the front garden in the summertime, holding one of those flowers and slowing my mad run-around as those wispy bits drifted (sadly) into my mouth

** walking home from primary school with my nana and siblings to a steamy home cooked meal

** all those *phew/woohoo* moments when you receive your TER or acceptance letters for uni/scholarship or those Eighth Row tickets to [Band X]. all of these deserve a big punch of the fist into the air!

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kaluds said...

these are great! and i'm now also familiar with that feeling of returning home after being away and how one's perspective of home tends to change upon returning ;-)

flygirl said...

wonderful jfox! i esp love the melbournje skyline moments...kaluds and i often have this conversation about how that city just gets into your blood somehow.

love the summer dandelion one and the walking homefrom school one too...nothing like being spoiled by your loved ones.

kaluds: so true!

eky said...

Looking fwd to more trips away to continually appreciate coming 'home'! :)

jelloman said...

to add to point #4: walking through the helicopter leaves that fell from the trees on the walk back.

M's nemesis said...

Lovely picks jfox! All of 'em have that special sentimental value without sounding corny! Can really picture being at any of those moments!

I remember those helicopter leaves too... they're really cool!

Sartorial said...

Hey great moments Ms Fox. Those flowers? they're Dandelions. Like the title of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine.