Friday, September 08, 2006

A tisket a tasket

Let me introduce you to Ella the Elephant. Ella features on a new album from the Baby Loves Music series. These are produced from the legendary Verve record label and is designed to get kids into all different genres of music such as salsa, hip hop (!) and jazz. As an avid music fan myself, I wouldn't mind getting my mitts on some of these - can I borrow a kid anyone?
The koolest thing about Ella? She is voiced by none other than Miss Sharon Jones. There's even an accompanying book where Ella teaches you how to scat! I've often considered jazz to be a four letter word, but with this pedigree, it's gotta be full of fun and spirit.
Even better news, the forthcoming hip hop version is going to be produced by Prince Paul (of De La Soul fame). If kids are supposedly sponges (brain-wise that is), then what better way than to edu-ma-cate them via Sharon Jones as an elephant and the beats of Prince Paul?


M's nemesis said...

Hooray! That's great to know that children's aural appreciation can be expanded upon from the usual blandness they're exposed to in the likes of purple dinosaurs and *shock*horror* those lascivious rouged chipmunks of prime time video hits.

Just don't diss the wiggles, they can sing AND dance!

kaluds said...

if record companies keep putting out this sort of stuff to edu-ma-cate little people AND if it means we get to listen to the dulcet tones of miss jones in the process, then i can't wait to have kids!