Saturday, April 19, 2014


OK, so I'm not sure what penguins sound like.

Turns out that when you become an aunty, it's essential to expand your repertoire of animal sounds beyond Mooooo, Meow and (my favourite) Raaaaaaarr!

Here, it's same same but different. Still making stuff and having fun. Last year, we tied the knot and travelled a bit. This year, we're gonna keep it local and visit all our interstate buddies - watch out guys! I'm also enjoying reading many new sewist blogs - very inspiring.

Anyway, this is a penguin from a finger puppet collection for little M, all the way in Germany. Welcome M (squawk), Happy Easter!

2 comments: said...

The penguin from the finger puppet collection for little M is so cute! Nice work! You really made my day.

-b9 said...

I'd looooove to learn TaiChi.
You in town?