Tuesday, October 07, 2008


it's been a great, lazy, computer-less week as a lady of leisure (l.o.l.). my shoulders have dropped and i've done away with the deep heat. my posture is shameful, and my shoulders ached and ached during my writing up time...i'm such an old lady!

more importantly, i have been hanging out with my fam and friends, went to the patchy Art Deco exhibition at the NGV (gorgeous dresses though), and have been catching up on recommended flicks and much missed reading ... so good!

i started unpacking some boxes from our mid-april move and rediscovered some beads and bits (it's been ages!). i don't have pierced ears so i'm not really sure if these would work or not in real- life ear-holes, but it's fun to play. the spears are so elegant
i found these cute beads when i was in Porto two years ago. mmm, maybe a smaller chain? it seems too heavy to me...

and i've been meaning to do something, anything with these gorgeous beads for ages..i'm not ready for reality yet...


62cherry said...

thanks for stopping by mixtape
we are glad you enjoyed the read!

Kate said...

Ha! This looks like an excellent taste of things to come :)

My friends have already (perhaps prematurely) taken to calling me Doctor of Leisure (!)

I totally understand the deep heat/old lady thing... I think I've just embraced it now.

Happy freedom!