Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New projects

Drafts returned [tick]
Proofreader proofreading [tick]
Completing my Completion Seminar #1 [tick]
Delaying thoughts of second Completion Seminar #2 [tick]
Write abstract [mmmm...]
Figure out how to compile data and text into thesis-form [uhoh...]

despite this stoopid cold i've developed over the weekend, it's a good place to be.

Meanwhile, in procrasti-nation, some forward thinking for projects post-submission:

thanks to kinokuniya, my sib's OS trips to -er- kinokuniya and awesome friends, i have a small collection of pattern books.

project #1 from book#1 - a wedding dress. as in a dress to attend a wedding (not my own..no decisions in that department yet!)

project #2-??? - i have missed many birthdays, so surprises galore to be presented.

i feel blessed to be around folks who see the image below and say, casually: 'oh that's the squid overlord'. i love it

the woollen version of the cthulhu seems rather friendly for an overlord. personally, i like his dr zoidberg-esque qualities. but, first things first, crochet lessons...

Speaking of all things d.i.y, i'm looking forward to seeing this flick documenting the handmade revolution. Check out their flickr site to see how they shot the opening credits...

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