Thursday, August 28, 2008

in conclusion...

in conclusion, i miss my family and friends, and look forward to resuming relations with them

in conclusion, i miss BOOKS and FILMS and STUFF: happy dances all 'round when reacquainted
(*newsflash* just added to list: joseph o'neill's netherland)

in conclusion, in my next life, i shall not undertake phud stud-ies but instead work as a pastry chef. or a librarian. or a concert pianist. or a writer.

in conclusion, life begins again.. not yet. but soon.

in conclusion, i must finish off this last paragraph!


Jaye said...


So close!
Does that mean i get to visit you soon to have a couple of beers and those spanish donuts at the market?

Congratulations =)

jfox said...

you can visit anytime julz =) i'm ready when you are...
[just sent off the draft.. HURRAY!][happydancing]

jp said...

Jag tror på dig C!

(swedish; "i believe in you C!)

just brushing up b4 i get up there.


Anonymous said...

yay jfox you're near the finish line! Are you going to have a great big bonfire of all the articles you've amassed over the years? i'll bring the marshmallows!

here's to getting your life back again (...and if you're anything like me, your sleep :D)


Anonymous said...

congrats c! this is massive!

your family and friends miss you too. no doubt especially those further afield.



Kate said...

Gah - I so understand! Thank you for such lovely comments on my blog - it's so hard to understand unless you've been through it. Wishing you best of luck with your last bit - look forward to seeing your progress alongside my own :)
We can do it!