Saturday, December 15, 2007

Presenting the Mega-rous Tote

This lovely gold print comes from talented local designer, Lara Cameron. I stumbled onto Lara’s blog in the last 18 months and have become a big fan of her elegant, simple designs. Sitting on top of the Riverside fabric are some letterpress cards with the Birch design also in gold (bah, my glare-y photo does these no justice).

To make my purse’s heart beat just that little bit faster, Lara has recently started printing on a gorgeous linen/cotton blend, ack! Her blog is well worth a visit and if you write to ask about her goodies, she’s helpful and friendly (damnit eh, flygirl? ;p ). Resist temptation if you can!

Since my el-cheapo handbag is beginning to resist all repairs, I decided to make myself a mega-rous tote that would be big enough to hold the papers for my studies (how’s that for procrastinating, huh?).

Anyway, every girl needs a mega-rous tote.

This prototype was simply put together using a length of denim, with a lined outside pocket consisting of the Riverside and a green Amitie fat quarter. The front pocket is split in two with stitching down the middle, and fits a rolled up Good Weekend. Happily, it also houses the good bits of the Saturday Age, my heavy-as laptop or all those damn papers.

I originally made the button flower for a badge, but thought a splash of red wouldn’t go astray. The whole thing closes with a magnetic snap fastener (these things are great!).

For take 2, I might include some inside pockets and a zip for added security (of the cities I’ve travelled, the only place I’ve been pickpocketed is good ol’ Melbourne. It’s sad but true).

When I passed Take 1 on to mum, she coo-ed at the mega-rous size and immediately filled the bag with her water bottle, notebooks, pens and other important stuff.

Maybe this is where I get it from? Yesterday, I read in an esteemed daily rag, er MX, that a chick will, on average, lug around 3kg of stuff. Don't know about you, but try as I might to be minimalist, I always end up with bag full of useless -but potentially useful- s.t.u.f.f. (damnit! ;p ).


flygirl said...

bravo, jadefox!!! very very nice indeed. And how gorgeous is that riverside friends pattern! You have a real eye for matching fabrics, it's gerat to see. Love the flower badge too, i suggest you sell them on Etsy/VicMarket Night markets forthwith. maybe i will just get you to make/design my bags hencedforth!

and i totally agree with teh lugging 3kg stuff...i realised that i would pack two books, knitting and some sewing items (purely because i had made little pockets for them) just in case I felt like doing a bit of knitting. i now carry only two books. I feel free.

Geoffrey Kong 江貴為 said...

Flygirl: carrying 2 chunky scientific text books is another thing though. Flashback to my undergrad days ...

jfox: maybe you can make a career (and fortune) out of making conference carry bags with your eye for artistic and funky patterns!

Jaye said...

MMmm.. I love how you used that fabric! And I bow down to your use of the sewing machine.. and your patience! I've still got that dress to make someday... =P

Serenity Later said...

Aiii! I looooove that fabric!!! How cute is that moose/elk/deer? I absolutely love what you've made out of it and how you teamed it with that other piece of fabric. Totes (esp mega-rous ones =D) are so handy to have around, for shopping, for hauling your lunch (...well mine anyway :P) and of course for lugging around your articles. And omg what a brilliant idea for conference bags!!!! you know how daggy conference satchels can get, i reckon this is great idea! please consider!!!!!

jfox said...

thanks flygirl> oh you're so lucky you've downsized. how are your wristlets going?

thanks gk> conference bags are meant to span only the lifetime of the conference i reckon!

hey jaye> have you been wearing your knit cardi?

hi serenity> haha, i like the idea of using the tote as a lunch bag.. mmm you need never go hungry again... ;D (see you sundee!!)