Thursday, December 06, 2007


does anyone else have that dizzying uh-oh-everything-is-happening-at-once feeling?
and where did the last 11 months and 5 days go?
i'm asking santa for a big wallop of time, thanks very much!

in between my poor attempts to make up for all that lost time, i've been enjoying my sis' herb garden - looking rather chipper below - and loved Royal Crown Revue at the Corner last week.

the akira fabrics are from his recent annual sale at the gpo. it was fascinating to watch a room of women very politely, but very firmly, pushing and shoving towards boxes of trims and racks of beautiful dresses. the man himself patiently refolded his clothes and chatted to punters about their weddings or how to use his threads.
now what to do with my stash?


flygirl said...

cor, that is lovely fabric from akira! v fine, much nicer than some of the stuff i saw there when i finally made it!

those dolls are darn cute!

jp said...

yes . . . the chillies! now i see.

i didn't know what you were talking about because it was a new post. i must have checked your blog before you posted this one.

yes. chillies. from your sister's garden.

see you soon c.

jfox said...

i tells ya flygirl> the ppl there were a little crazed. was lucky to happen upon these ones!! the doll has finally gone to its rightful owner, how's miss softie dr b??!!

jp> dude! ah. it's good to have you home for a bit!!!