Monday, July 09, 2007

a scratch to itch...

sometimes i think my biggest lesson in returning to study has been learning how to exercise patience and restraint.
lately, this seems to be mostly derived from frustration *grrr-bah*!
dr b poses a good question: where _do_ all the unanswered emails and phone calls go?
don't worry, i'm ok! i merely diverted some of that frustration-energy into the sewing machine and made a bag using gorgeous fabrics from kimono house (with some help from amitie textiles, and a friendly cup of tea from son ;) ).


Serenity Later said...

if you can whip up something this lovely in a fit of exasperation then goodness knows what exquisite creation we'd find if you were really livid! ; )

seriously though, this looks absolutely gorgeous!!

elmo said...

its a cool bag tfox! some pretty creative excursions into procrasti-land! =)

Jaye said...

Hmm... I'll swap you my delicious home baked moist flavourful chocolate chip banana bread, for that crappy little bag...

Nah, that bag's awesome!

jfox said...

cheers for the encouragement guys!

did someone say chocolate chip banana bread??? jaye, if i ever need to vent out again you're at the top of the list! :D