Monday, July 16, 2007

for a minute there...

random musical meanderings on the information superhighway while on the microscope this week. and it only confirms that im completely out of the musical landscape loop ;D

:: daytrotter really love the simple line drawings of the profiled artists, though i don't always know who they are so i take it as an opportunity to hear some new sounds with a free download or two ;)

and great feature on kurt vonnegaut (r.i.p)

:: stereogum presents OK_X, a 10th anniversary tribute to Radiohead's OK Computer.

eek! it's already been 10 years! in my youth, this album was a constant in my earholes on the train to uni. when i learnt how to play my mum's acoustic guitar (cos anyone can, right? ;p), i downloaded the geetar tabs from this album and also jeff buckley's Grace.
on reflection, it wasn't as ambitious as you might think and i did manage most of the songs on OK Computer.
Grace on the other hand... mmm

anyway, no surprises that i eventually retreated to the sunshine power pop chords of jason falkner's Author Unknown and teenage fanclub's classic Grand Prix.
diversions aside, download the tribute album while you can - it's all legal and free! i have only just grabbed it so a [ ] yay or [ ] nay report soon!


yossarian said...

what? 10 years since ok computer was first released??!! i like the iage of thom listening to his little headphones though :-)

jp said...

who is radiohead? ;p


you're out of the loop? me? i'm out of the universe the loop is in!

have a good week c.


Jaye said...

Just saw the Hold Steady!
It was great! that frontman knows how to sing (with his hands) =)

How's life in melbourne? Is the weather much like london? grey and rainy? =p

jfox said...

hey yoss> bit scary that it's already been 10 years! the album is ok (ha!) = some covers better than others...

jp> where ya been hiding?! hope the exam studying is going well.

jaye> oh kool!!! i've been wanting to see hold steady! any other good gigs coming up? did you make to the beastie boys recently up there?
it's lovely and sunny in melbourne these days - though isn't it summertime in london (floods aside...)