Monday, February 05, 2007

Cabin Fever

have been holed up at the computer for the last week - til all hours after work and most of the weekend. except for a lovely Yarra side BBQ on Satdee (thanks Elmo!), it's been a sad state of affairs in the social department (sorry kaz, cass and kaluuuds - didn't make it on frideeee)!
all this amounts to a frazzled cabin fever of some sort, so apologies go out on the astral plane to the poor (albeit incompetent) sods who copped it when i ran some uni errands this morning... you won't have to see me again, hopefully it's the last time i have to enrol!


elmo said...

yeah, those poor innocent mindless bureaucrats!

kaluds said...

hurrah! good to hear that you're done with all that administrative crap. and isn't it amazing how pen-pushers are often the ones who feel compelled to give you a hard time?? i thought that was our supervisors' job?!