Friday, January 05, 2007

Summer = BBQ

Summertime means BBQ time!
As much as we'd all like to be Merv Hughes in a BIG truck on a BBQ mission, a simple gathering with family and/or friends is just as good! This is a plate of goodness from a previous summer thanks to Kaz and Alex. Delicious!
May your summertime BBQs be this good!


M's nemesis said...

I was staring at the plate and thinking - those prawn kebabs look oddly familiar, and I swear could taste those chicken kebabs and potato salad though I don't think I was there. Then I read on and realised it was from last year and I was there- oh old age! ;)

Applecross WC said...

Is that one of those chicken skewers? Because those are great.

jfox said...

yeah m's! i was uploading some recent bbq pix and rediscovered these! thought this was far too delicious not to share...cheers to more summertime eating soon :D

the dude said...

mmmm . . . now i feel even worse i missed it. nice grill marks on the steak. just enough dressing on the salad. and those kebabs look tasty. in fact everything looks s-c-r-u-m-p-t.

kaluds said...

when i first saw this post, i was horrified - thought you guys had gone feasting without me ... then i remembered those tea light candles, the rose, and what i was wearing that evening (hence the elbows!).

... and yeah, those chicken skewers were indeed delish!