Monday, January 15, 2007

Frog and Bear

I've recently been toying with felt and it's so wonderful! Very simple and easy to use: all you need is some stuffing, glue and a blanket stitch or two - many new ideas and possibilities sprouting!

Please allow me to introduce Frog and Bear.

Long time visitors may recognise Frog who made his first (bi-focal) appearance ~10 months ago. As you can see, Frog's already learned that life's tough - especially when you're hanging off a backpack. Still, I reckon that he retains a whole lotta charm despite being a cyclops.

Bear has only recently been completed and was introduced to his new owner last
week so hopefully he's out and about in Brisvegas, lapping up the northern
summertime sunshine!

For Frog and Bear activities of another kind, go here.

[PS: It's all ok, Frog experiences the world safely from Dr Kath's backpack
sidepocket these days. Cheers to Dr Kath for her great pic!


M's nemesis said...

Oh gosh they are so cute! I especially like how bear looks quite the gentleman in his spiffy red tie!

kaluds said...

these two are quite a fetching pair ... frog is just soooo cute ... it's his smile, and i love the shape of his face :-)