Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Everyone loves a (c)log

I am in a bit of a pickle.

My lab shoes have holes in them and as I'm a 'fussy' person (pointed out by a kind, slightly over gel-ed salesman), it will definitely take me a while to replace said item. And it's not raining anymore, so there's no hurry yet.
My sib suffers through constant um-ing and ah-ing about shoe#x blah and shoe#xx blah blah. I can't help it! I know what I want when I see it, but it just takes me a while to 'see'. Does anyone else suffer these conundrums? Please say it is so.

In the meantime, I can dream about these bright red clogs. Too bad they were only a temporary loan...


M's nemesis said...

I feel your pain too!

Shoes, like most apparel are too darn difficult trying to find that fit, are cheap and exude a certain charm like those clogs do! Those clogs are gorgeous and I liked the R & S reference too ;)

kaluds said...

aw, those red clogs are beautiful ... they look very very comfortable too.

take heart jfox, you're not alone in suffering from shoe-shopping-blues. i hate looking for shoes and it really sucks especially when hunting for boots come wintertime (ie. fat calf syndrome). dunno about you, but do you find that when you DO see a pair you like, your mind is more or less made up?

... i thoroughly agree that the hardest bit can be finding a pair that you like enough in the first place. as you pointed out, at least it ain't raining ;p