Monday, September 12, 2011

knit purl knit purl

three weeks ago, despite being the last gasp of winter, s and i took a beginners knitting class with the lovely pauline at popcraft. since then, we have become completely fanatical and have even taken to knitting in bed (circular needles are the go for this!). poor elmo comes home late to a sheepish knitter on the couch - needles and yarn in hand, knitting away (or tinking, as elmo likes to call it).

the spoils thus far:
moss stitch using a gorgeous felty wool from japan. a bit short at ~1.3m, but very toasty.
a rib knit scarf at 1.5m for elmo with some lovelies from morris and sons (how have i never known you before mr morris?)
the third is in progress, and since we're heading towards spring/summer, this scarf is knitted with a 100% cotton yarn using smooth sand and nubby sand (on the reverse) stitches.
on top of learning something new, my favourite bit about all this? i showed my grandma my projects and she immediately took the needles in hand and proceeded to knit and purl like a demon. all this time i never knew. she even gave me some of her old needles that she had brought with her on the boat when she braved the trip between hong kong and australia. a wonderful wonderful present.

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