Thursday, March 24, 2011

Op shopping

i'm a terrible sucker for op or junk shops (or maybe it's the good get that i love so much).
i inherit this from mum and dad: they too value the old or abandoned and have a collection of previously unloved things.

we spied this cute norwegian figgjo sugar bowl in the dandenongs. sadly, not too long after we brought it home, i dropped the lid. oops!

imagine our excitement when we saw this figgjo lotte coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl at a market on the bellarine peninsula...
aren't they the cutest? love the drawing style and the colours, very distinctive in amongst the english ceramics that you often see at opshops. once i stop admiring them, we may even serve coffee out of the pot once day far far in the future (especially since butterfingers here is likely to be a klutz with them!)

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Kate said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVE these! My grandparents have the jug of the green one (which I ADORE) and the other set is ADORABLE. Scandi pottery is the BEST - I'm so happy for you. (And ok, a teensy but jealous :) ). Yay for thrifting goodtimes!