Monday, September 13, 2010

tokuya goodies

Thanks to a tip off from Kate, we made a bee-line for Tokuya last week.

I grabbed a few sewing bits and pieces, as well as some paper dotted with little colourful squares. How cute are those little pins!

I mentioned Tokuya to workmate S, a fellow stationery freak, who came back from lunch break, excited and wide-eyed, reporting all the amazing paper gifts she had just acquired.

With all the stationery, storage solutions, lunch boxes, cups, more stationery, crockery, origami papers, tee shirts...even gardening supplies (!), S and I enthusiastically agreed that this was indeed heaven on earth, and congratulated each other on managing self-restraint.

Now we just need another excuse to head back into town...


Anonymous said...

cant wait til S is old enough to enjoy arts and craft! will need to go shopping w auntie c for materials!

Kate said...

Oh goodness. You're reminding me that I wanted those scissors and all the other scissors that cut things into zig zags and waves (pinking shears?) Didn't think they'd go down too well as carry-on luggage though.

And those PINS! Cutest. Ever.

So glad you enjoyed it (and enabled a third stationery freak, too!)

Please keep posting your goodies - I love to see what's new there!!

jfox said...

hullo jelloman> yes, i'll happily share the supplies with little s =)

hi kate> oh!! i saw those zig zag and wavey scissors too.. near the book binding tape and notecards - it was all so tempting! thanks for the heads up =)