Sunday, August 15, 2010


yesterday, had a great afternoon catching up w ms j, who has just dropped the ex from ex-pat, returning home with hubby in tow.

everything's good, but we have both been feeling a bit stretched at work. how do we let ourselves burn our time into the 9-5s (or alarmingly, the 8-7s) and then wonder how we don't have time for our passions?

which begs the bigger question, what would we be otherwise doing?

of course, we didn't solve this problem, but plan to do so in future cake sessions =D


Kate said...

Jfox, I was so hoping this post would actually have THE answer! I agree - the 730-700pm work lifestyle is less life and style than I had hoped...

I might eat some cake and mull this over, too :)

jfox said...

sounds good kate! cake makes everything better =)

i think we both had one of those long weeks, let us know if you come up with any bright ideas!