Wednesday, July 21, 2010


we recently escaped to brisbane to visit dr m and mr p in their west end queenslander. anyone else over the frosty melbourne mornings?

let's all imagine that we are basking in the sun (in july!) here:there were even a few people sunning themselves at this fake beach at southbank. we happily warmed ourselves in the glorious sun, celebrating our ingenious escape to the sun with icecream (again, in july!).

we also had the pleasure of being woken up each morning by the lovely, affectionate hamish. who are we to say no to snuggles from such a cutie?

Watching: amazing papercut process from rob ryan and Masterchef final (on the menu: green tea dumplings and chocolate fondants in honour of the finalists - thank god, we'll resume normal life soon!)

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