Saturday, February 20, 2010

cherry blossom girl

After collecting these books for a little while, I have finally made my first dress from a Japanese pattern book - hurray! Luckily, the diagrams are clear and numbered (and I did have help in deciphering instructions =) ).

My sis picked this dress and fabric; I quite like how the shoulder straps double as little cap sleeves. I hope she likes it!

Watching: and loving New York shows! Project Runway Season 7 - back in NY after a season in LA, and Bored to Death, an HBO "noir-otic" comedy starring Jason Schwartzman as an unlicensed detective, Zach Galifianakis as his comic book artist best mate and Ted Danson, his editor. Dry humour, silly stories, special guests stars - including Jim Jarmusch and Parker Posey, and awesome soundtrack to boot.


Jonno said...

That's really impressive jfox! Especially as the instructions were in Japanese. well done

jfox said...

cheers for the encouragement jonno! i do find the japanese instructions a bit challenging, but it's a great feeling when you end up with something similar-ish to the images in the book!

Anonymous said...

thanks jfox!! I just need to get white stockings, put my knee high docs on (when im allowed to wear heeled shoes again) and then I can look like the cover girl! fierce! hahahahaha