Saturday, August 22, 2009

Doffing bonnets

I finally graduated a couple of weeks ago, and received a pot of gorgeous roses from m's and ms k (thanks guys!). These lovelies sit proudly on my balcony, greeting the morning sun.

After such a lengthy thesis submission/ examination / revision process, it's easy to overlook the simple fact that being awarded your degree is an achievement to be celebrated, the official coda of your university life. So it was a good opportunity to take a step back, be grateful for making it to the end, and thank family and friends for their support and endurance - not only during my studies but also of the ceremony itself (mum didn't waste time: she crocheted a baby blanket for Elmo's new nephew who arrived on Monday in London).

After the ceremonial bonnet doffing to the chancellor, we joined the other graduates snapping photos with their families on the sunny university lawn. I reflected on all those years spent on the lawns: skipping lectures to lie on the grass on a nice day, sitting with a coffee under my favourite tree or rushing through on the way to a seminar. It was an immeasurable feeling to think: I Do Not Belong Here Anymore.


Kate said...

Wheee, what a huge achievement - I am in awe! Well done - not many people know the amount of blood, sweat and many tears that go into theses, but I can imagine that was a pretty massive day for you.

And what delicious softies you have been making in the aftermath: if you're going to do an apron, at the very least make it cute and reversible!

Congratulations again, Jfox.

jfox said...

hullo kate> thank you kindly for your lovely message. it was so busy leading up to the day that it was quite a shock to be in the ceremony.. silly huh?

not too long for you =) - here's hoping you will get to sit back and pat yourself on the back in the very near future!!