Saturday, July 26, 2008

if you knew susie...

whoosh and a few months disappear.

the eternal conundrum - how can so much, yet so little, be happening at the same time?
moving again, writing, a notice for jury duty (!), brain-busting thinking, almost missing a plane, procrastination, more banana bread then more writing.

the end is getting closer; there are many folks to thank and much to celebrate!

To celebrations of a more important kind: a present for a girl's most glamourous day (i hope i'm not spoiling the surprise for the bride-to-be - shh!).

A shiny first-aid kit to be filled with panadol, band-aids, bobby pins, mints, tissues etc to survive the big day..and perhaps to survive joining our happy family?

work in progress (green duck for luck).

The finished product...


M's nemesis said...

Ahhh Oh my goodness, jfox- this is so cute! I'm sure the bride to be will absolutely adore it and the material (good get!) is gorgeous!

Also love the touch with the little duck!

Yes, there's much to celebrate!!!

Serenity Later said...

this looks gorgeous jfox and as far as i'm concerned the duck label amplifies the awesomeness of the it even more so. btw on topic, did i see the lovely couple in question in last saturday's age? yay!

jfox said...

thank you m's and serenity! i am quite fond of ducks =)

good spot serenity, the happy couple were indeed mini-celebs that day!

hope you guys are well!