Sunday, October 28, 2007

cheeky monkey


elmo said...

=) that's one cheeky monkey! you're a master jfox!

Jaye said...

I want him! =)

Serenity Later said...

who's a cheeky monkey then? there's a crop of hipster type shops near where i live and i saw a couple of these type of creations. You can bet that i thought to myself 'Nyah! i know someone who can make these heaps better!'

Awesome stuff jfox!

jfox said...

thank you elmo, jaye and serenity ;) it's so much fun making toys! funny how these bits of cloth exude a certain personality.
anyway, just practising for the time when jfox becomes an aunty (no pressure to the few reading out there of course!)

yossarian said...

i'm with jaye .... i want one!!!

and you can bet that when there are little yo-yos running around, i'll know who to call ;p

by the way, where was the photo of those roses taken?? they are beautiful - over here it's so weird to be going through autumn (or, er, fall) for the second time in the same year!