Sunday, September 16, 2007


i'm extremely bad with surprises; i always ruin them.

if i'm planning a surprise for someone else, i have big problems keeping my big mouth shut cos i can't wait to present the gift.
conversely, if someone tells me there's a surprise coming, i stoopidly guess away until i wear them down, thereby ruining it for myself. i should just learn to enjoy the anticipation huh?

and it's not because i can't keep a secret (don't worry folks! it's all in the vault).

two cases in point: the previous pressie hadn't even been mailed when i posted it... i'm really hoping that a certain someone's track record of only checking this blog when the link is sent will hold true. anyway [lame justification ahead], i needed to ask someone else's opinion on the matter... ...

and now: i can't even wait two measly weeks to give little miss and master buttons away.
a piddlely two weeks.
ended up passing them on as soon as i made them, "surprise!"

the glass-half-fulls out there might say, well that actually adds to the surprise. it all works out, see?


basically, if you like being surprised, never ask me if i have a secret plan, cos it will all come tumbling out. ;)

the pattern and fabric for miss buttons comes from the magnolia square market stash (damnit, the goodies in the maru bag are also meant to be a surprise!). miss b seemed lonely so i used some more of that fetching vintage kimono loot for master buttons.
wanna try? we've seen this pattern around town (eg Meet Me At Mikes) or you can try the original source here , check out the photo gallery of other little misses - it's like an army.


elmo said...

surprise! there's nothing wrong with sharing a surprise when other people don't know its coming...cos that's a surprise! maybe that makes me a glass-half full? doesn't sound right...but miss B and master F are happy in their new home, looking very cool in their duds. Thanks heaps JFox!

yossarian said... doesn't matter about your relative lack of surprise-secrecy - you're a whiz with these creative things! how did you make those??!!!

...gonna go and torture myself by visiting Meet Me at Mikes...

M's nemesis said...

hi caz!

Gosh those little creations are gorgeous! :) How did you sew the shoes on without showing the stitch around the socks? My creative meadnerings are enthusiastic but usually wind up abandoned because I've made a mistake halfway through.. *sobs*

Latest project-o... trying to make a hairclip with ribbon flowers- any ideas on how to make 'em? I'll try and post a picture of the results soon! :)