Sunday, June 10, 2007

St Andrews Market

my good friend jess-bo lives near kinglake, about an hour's drive north west of melbourne. jess is one of those solid, no b.s. country kids and her attitude to city slickers' slickness is refreshing (i also love hearing stories about her animals, she used to own a pet goat with one horn, sad but true - and amusing to a city chick). it was through jess that I found out about the St Andrews market, down the road from her property. she warned us about the hippies, but with my faux-hippiness down pat, it didn't deter us too much.
besides, it was a good excuse to go for a weekend drive.

we should have taken note of the wisdom of jess.
! ha

seriously though, take a few minutes to adjust to the environs and take a walk through the stalls - lots of handmade goodies with plenty of organic produce and great food to eat. you can even get a haircut or a massage! we munched on a frankfurt with sauerkraut/mustard and some pumpkin soup ( which had a dash of chilli, coriander and ginger) with a loaf of fresh rye bread. delicious!

Delicious treat from the cafe across the road


yossarian said...

arm warmers! on top of a sciencey mag! aaaaaw ... they look so nice and chunky ;p


Jaye said...


I knew it!
*points accusing finger*

(I wish i was there..=) )

jfox said...

yo-yo> arm warmers are my current obsession, hate leaving home without them!!

jaye> we'll take you to the market next time you visit :P hope the studies are going well!!

Geoffrey Kong 江貴為 said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed some good old German fare at St. Andrews Market. I just wonder how it compares with the 'real' stuff!

Masumi said...

those arm warmers look like two hand-puppets doing slapstick... the right one looks ready to pounce, or perhaps it is just defending its paper on RAS from criticism. Oops, I'm humanizing them... need to get out more!

jp said...

this was meant to be for the previous post . . . what will you call a child of a famous former number 1 tennis player and a famous icelandic singer/song writer if they had one: 'Bjorn Bjork Borg' (Joke from Austin Powers).

its so sad that my knowledge of the world comes mainly from pop culture trivia!

hey c!

jfox said...

hi geoff> there was a german lady who had a cake stall, so my guess it's all pretty authentic? anyway, global world and all that - things can't ever really be authentic ever again i reckon?

masumi!!> good to see you here! sorry i couldn't make it for brunch ;( haha, yeah, those things do look like they could pack a punch!! how's your new laptop going?

ha ha jp> well, at least it wasn't something from that other dictionary of pop culture, the simpsons!! how's you, how's the studies? will call you soon!!!

Nancy said...

good to see you kids are out seeing the world ;) say hi to the wise jess-bo for me :)