Friday, May 11, 2007


coffee = gooood
neeeed coffee daily
sick = no coffee
no coffee = sad jfox

before i came down with this damn cold [aaaaaa-choo!], i have been patronising various cafes during my morning walk to work looking for a fresh hit. the winner so far has to be the GPOs Federal Coffee Palace. once the dude starts making my coffee as i walk up those stairs, then i know i have found a good barista for the winter...

Federal Coffee Palace = excellent cawfee

Some other cawfeeees consumed...

University Cafe = so-so cawfeee
Food and Wine Festival = creamy cawfeee


Jonno said...

mmmm coffee. The day doesn't start right without one. But I've never had fancy displays on the top of mine.

jfox said...

ha ha jonno> didn't even notice the coffee art, i'm so vague!

Jaye said...

Poor kiddo!
Drink chicken soup!
(Or brandy- according to several oldies in the hospital ward i'm at!)


jp said...

mmmm coffee. coffee with cool foam on top . . . even better. get well soon c.