Friday, January 26, 2007


It seems an UnMelbournian thing to say, but I am really not a sporty/ sportloving/ sportsanything person.
It's sad but true!
Despite living in walking distance to the MCG, I have been to one footy match in my whole life - that's a long time (also sad but true)!

However, the only exception I make for sporting spectatorship is the tennis. My childhood summer holidays were largely spent in front of the teev, watching tennis. It has rules that I understand (cricket? how does that go again?) and it's something I could possibly even play myself - one day (except maybe lawn bowls, is that a sport? ;p).

Thwack - thwack - thwack.

Normally, we grab a ground pass for the AusOpen and take our chances on the outside courts - hoping to see a great match. This year, we braved the heat and headed out to the east for the Kooyong Classic, a great tournament that features 8 of the top-ranked men on the circuit.
We were treated to Stepanek vs Federer, Safin vs Nalbandian, Roddick vs Haas and Murray vs Ljubicic, and it was pretty exciting to see these guys beyond the little square box.

As the temperature hit the mid-30s, I took this photo in a mild attack of jealousy of those under the covers.
The poor people's seats (with our free Age bags as cushioning).Andy vs Tommy: note the spectators huddled under the shade of the large, tall tree.
Not that I only post about cute fuzzy toys, but also check out Unicef's Feder-bear:


Jaye said...

BTW, an unrelated note-
go to it's an entire forum on different crafts, from crochet to cookery!

It blew my mind when i was told to go there...(someone knitted a digestive system, and then posted instructions) Now, it just wastes my time... (in a procrastination type way)

kaluds said...

i'm with you jfox ... i'm a couch potato and not sportily-inclined in the slightest. but for some reason, i do take a keen interest in people hitting a little ball over a net. great pics & hats off to you for braving the heat!

... and have you seen the bigger version of the Feder-bear?? very cute! and no, i'm not talking about roger ... there really is a bigger version of the fuzzy bear!