Friday, October 06, 2006


It didn't seem enough to sit in the park to pass a sunny lunchtime, we strolled down to a new gelati shop. I put it down to reconnaissance for the summer ahead.


kaluds said...


in winter there's the likes of pello's to take refuge at ... and in summer, all manner of gelati shops beckon :-)

M's nemesis said...

Are you not pertubed by the number of gelati shoppes popping up though? I fear we are on the verge of a starbuck's like over saturation, but how can that be bad???

Next concurrent blog: Review the different gelati places! There's at least 6 on Lygon Street alone (casa del gelato, brunneti's, gelatomania or is it gelateria- one on elgin and the other near grattan street, il dolce freddo, gelo bar, the juice place and others in restaurants which I haven't tried... yet!)

flygirl said...

[sound of growling from the dark, cold room set against a grassy bank. the hunched figure reads the post, lopes over to the window and shakes fist at the cloudless sky through the grill] Whhhyyyyy!